Thursday, 12 December 2013

war in 2 parts (November/December 2013)

Dirty weapons for filthy wars
My senses and I are not of one accord
Fingers jammed somewhere between pause fast forward and record
Can't defer gratification so can't expect reward
Can't hate on academics then start grabbing for that mortar board
To stay afloat when the flood comes and the rains pour
My insecurities are as subtle as a chainsaw
Alcoholic reaction leaves the pain scored
Across face taking pieces like pawns from a chess board
I stress, withdraw, procrastinate then stress more
I confess to the draw of escape, a blessed fraud
Like a mediaeval relic, thoroughly embellished
Vain, quick to blame,superficial and jealous
Never growing up like Dennis the Menace
Im building a sketchy plot upon a weak premise
Then illustrating it with relish
Drawing myself into boxes constantly
I guess that's nobodies business
Unless they make it theirs
Hard to care about lifting me when you're still stuck scaling stairs
And we've got our own journeys
If you fly too close to the flame it won't burn me
But by nature as creatures we swarm
You can choose to an audience member, a ring leader or to perform
Stuck in the middle
Dry gritty maelstrom definition of a desert storm
But with the opportunity to challenge standards and norms
When dinner comes there's only so You can keep the plate warm
So your timing needs to come correct for us to eat together
This council is called to order
Come let's take our seats together

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