Thursday, 12 December 2013

clearing (April 2013)

Sometime it doesn't matter why
Like every rule you every wrote yourself
Is an absurd notion beyond contempt
Not just made to be broke but the product of another hand
A less full person too scared to risk
Bound by habit, by rationalism
Destroyed in an instant consumed by licking flame of
Real flawed awkward beautiful prickly sensuous beating heart painting hand tactile growing
Skeptical hooks driven into your flesh racing pulse woman
When you want so much for someone to give and every detail divulged into the air between is a
Gift unlike an other; a grace and a favor , a cracked door, a chink of light imbuing her armor
With the pores to breath
Breathe out cynicism
Breathe inspiration
Breathe out suspicion
Breath in inspiration for fresh innocent action
Breathe out heavy breathe in deep until our breaths mix and become
That motion that moves that movement that proves
Fleeting; it crystallizes into new us
Two separate bodies perspective sharpened triple filtered blend over ice warming in my chest
And rationalism returns not, is missed not,
No binding barrier
Barbed wire lock
Push through this green undergrowth into clearing
Barbed thorn kissing wrist drawing enough blood to know that we are alive

The air breathes us in and this has no end but that which form provides.

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