Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Prose? (January 2009)

"Do you believe in Unconditional Love?"

He asked the audience.One walked out so he turned to the other, took a moment, and repeated the question

"When I meet my brother, I don't want to be afraid. I'm not sure I believe and I won't have control"

She stretched and raised her hands to her eyes, rubbed, blinked and rubbed again, then she said

"Well, I don't know about love but I know about conditions."

Poem (18th Feb. 2009)

Blood flushed cheeks and a drained Ego
That Pinprick of realisation waited
Until the coast was clear and then opened me up to the world
The best of evenings...
Misguided ideas, cultural delights,respect
And an oh so superior inferiority complex
left to set overnight and produce a new man
So where's the mould?


January snow scares first time driver
Beats mix on the stereo cutting
Left to Right
Green lights all the way so far, flickering but constant
Singalling patterns of access and proferring information without reassurance
Exploring resistance,reform,revolution,retrenchment, reverence,

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Beautiful technology
Spreading the love across hidden shallows
Shaded by the overhangs of our bold overtures,
Claims a very small person making bigger noise
Polluting the peaceful air of float-down calm
And they shrink a little more inside
Asking the silent question repeatedly
‘Do you believe in unconditional love?’