Tuesday, 5 August 2014


I’ve been fighting all the wrong battles
And I’ve been losing time and time again
Looking at the faces of all those departed
Feeling in my pockets for the key to see them safe
This is a long long way from home
And I never made all the right allies
Turned some to enemies
In retreat again from the shame of disbelief
Scoured the shelves for the tools to lever open
Never felt further from the truth
The things that hold this together
Chew deep into flesh
Straining for purchase
No less fraught for all their bite
The marks we leave on each other
Heal rough and clean, stitched by time
And I’ve been making some right turns
A passenger charting hazy terrains
Our movement fluid
Steered by steady hand and strong currents
Never fled from fire only from fear
And the romance of the things we can never know
The rights and wrongs escape us
But we can never escape them.