Friday, 21 July 2017


A vision quest cyclops
Imagination limited
Even three eyes functioning wouldn't change a thing
I want to writhe like a snake in the ocean
Under cover of shaded storm clouds
Want to score with truthful emotions
Not run the clock out
A toast to broken friendships
A naked pain
A throwback to wayward shrapnel
Bathed between acidic drops
Cinematic dis-association
Carnage detachment
Live on screen for our amusement
Nothing will be regained
Nothing will be revered
Nothing will be the sum total of your podium pronouncements
Nothing will be the aggregate of therapy hours logged
The rock hard bottom shall provide the basis for your perpetual fibrosis

A Sadist Manifesto

Paint the strip with blood
Paint the stage with feat
Paint the block in death and let them choke
When the image blurs
When the cameras make you seasick
When the scenes deleted air and you can't help but view
Acid wind blows
Dangerous mammals meet it
Breed the infected air
Purchase and eat the abuse
Moments tattered searing conscience gaps
Concrete tumours parse the litany
Raining razors lick the surface grooves
Data entry in the exit wound
Pageant servants bleat their tolerance
Infant barells  help to integrate
We like our deities neatly shaven
We love our violence clean and remote
The fear of fragility threads the shrapnel noose
Assuage the entity
Perform and Reproduce

Doing The Work

Switch the roles/Switch the power/Beyond the binary/always on/but in a million different constellations/Each full of care and love/The sensual in primacy/soaring/dipping/exploring the edges/seeking expansion of our possibility of what this means/speak from my experience/Not beyond it/Set the safety/to find the danger/That shows us to ourselves/The security to be/spontaneous/present/essential/nothing else/tender vitality transient and forever/We can aspire to be more than a memory of our brightest selves.