Friday, 16 October 2009

Terms of Agreement

A new ethic, disdaining the
Mirrors and simple replicated patterns
That have held sway these months
Not pausing to swap yoke for yoke, like for like unevenly weighed
Inexpertly carried
But a lighter load carried longer, further
I've placed my trust without being asked
Invested my hope with no assurance
So why fret?
This contract is between me and the Universe.

work and wonder

One month, give or take a day
Since I last heard from you
And not a day has gone by without you in my thoughts
Sometimes I wonder and sometimes I work
Curiousity hasn't killed me yet
But give it time
The person I aspire to be
Provides for his own,
Repays his debts, takes the weight
Pays respect
Speaks with his actions and
Listens with his soul
The next month I live
Starting with the next day
I'll work harder toward being him
And wonder less if I CAN be.