Thursday, 12 December 2013

Blake Lennon (August 2013)

Theres something relentless in the wish for things
The want the need
No state is the reason to miss that embrace
Imagined as the antidote to wasted days
Purpose senses skill senses a waiting a world
And I only want what I cannot have
Is that
Too much to ask?
Court is in session
Now. All rise.
Advocate for the defence
Advocate for the prosecution
Advocate to hang the jury
Judging the art of execution
Rewriting the heart of my constitution
And sealing it with a gray kiss
Send me to another
With instructions clear as day
"Fragile. Please handle with disdain"
Ive got a handle on my truth but I'm losing my fiction
Losing my fiction
Every little death that comes unassisted
Is a contribution to my descent
Even once it's ceased and desisted

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