Saturday, 30 June 2007

Poem (Today)

Glass balloon
Floats sparkling in the angle of these five surfaces
Unreal, in relief
An obvious set-piece
Too ridiculous to concieve
From niave reclining
Lime-tinged eyes deciding
The constitution of right and exact
Spillin gliquid over paper
Achieves something
The misss brings back the whir and tick
The end light machine,
The banal, coma inducing
Predictable elements of solitude
At this hour
The misunderstandings and kisses
The blinks and the numbers
The film within film
Within the theatre of farce and absurd opportunity
That takes the weekend off.

POEM- Today , July 2007

The mind is flesh
Every action is an idea
Waiting for the break-through
Waiting on the realisation
A child bereft of titles
Overflowing with dreams
Building her own myths
Conquering Kingoms
Storming citadels
Before the citadel becomes her chattel
Before the kingdom came to rest on her shoulders
8 Hours a day and more

Dreams and wishes
Are humanitie's gift to itself
No charity could ever provide
Gray Matter is inappropriate
Technicolor mind is what
Resides within her
and paints beautiful action
Infusing every second
Overflowing every first.

Poem- November 2006

Teach this
Past a matrix
Energy connected
High-Strung or Unified
Stoned or Crucified
Resurrected To address my people
Take ownership of our life
No timelimes
Clocks are mobeious
No correct data no erroneous
Got this bathos
as falsness
still takes over me
erosion conditioned
free radicals speed decay
Past existence
Ghosts spat forth from the unamused machine
What is this? Is this it?
Amind questioning itself goes mystic
Or mythic
Like Dead Cultures
Or tastes on sabbatical
Is it practical
Or is it visionary?
Visions cloud Visions and
Lucidity is temporary
Could you be the very
distillation of essence?
Smug in purity
Or is that projection
or reflection of a shallow corner of our unity
reality drain
false prophecy
we nuture seeds and attempt the impossible like venetians
These secretions adrenal trigger incidents sequential
No sequels
Just people
No Sequels
Just People.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The Vallejo Summit

Notes from a 1967 summit between Alan Watts. Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder on the Vallejo Houseboat. At the height of the psychadelic era, these hugely influential thinkers and artists shoot the breeze on the 'lesiure' society, population control, the divine roots of resistance and many other topics. A lot of ground is covered here, and, amongst the wayward ramblings and proclamations, some marvellous insights from genuine visionaries.