Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Untitled (15th-16th Nov 2010)

South to North
Foxhole Diplomacy
Get your Warhead on
Make up bag full of face paint
Full Spectrum
Blaring Our Fear in Technicolor
Through a London bus window seat
Could I be a European Bastard Child of Stress and Misery?
She is perfect form and perfect nothing nothingness
Early rises for Eternal balance
Erudite though I might be
Such elevation eludes me
And the hours that keep me
The void people fill and language maps
Collapses inward
Existing in three times
Telling me what I always remembered
Words are never without owners
And Sentiments are never without intent or consequence
In this false economy
Disdaining property
As sinful when you don’t believe in sin
Gives a fleeting monopoly
On the highest ground without an in
Above the flood
But beyond Humanity
The air thins
And you breathe your last
Lonely and cold
Stones Cast Without Sin
Come back around to become
Your pillow
Your bed
Your place of rest
Paving the way for the next wave of tests
Of Tanks, of Troops, of Talks
Laying the foundation
For the walls that curve and bend around us all
Within these four that I call mine for now
I’m talking through and around
To check the pulse of peace and joy
And Reason and Rhyme
Our hearts are still beating...
This is not finished
Our hearts are still beating
This is the Magical Realness
Our hearts are still beating
Without the aid of machines
Our hearts are still beating
We EQd the ECG Flatline
Check 1
Check 1 girl or check myself
Bring it back in space and time
Regret I'm tasting mine and swallowing
Leading from the back and following
The guiding lights of beacons lit by trailblazers
Recovering the greatness
Denied by our condition
Temporary position
And not pausing for food, water or stock options
Even on the spot
The possible against the sunset of expectations
And the moonrise of hope
Full, Pink tinged, Billous
The man up there
Is on the lam
From a life left behind
Travelling into an afterlife
Of splendid stellar isolation
His regrets shining
Embedded in the firmament that defies our primitive horizons
Reminders of the space between them
Seeds he sprinkled
Absentmindedly in unripe sky
Now they burn beyond control
and he shelters on the dark side
Permanent night providing his style advice
And shame and resentment his permanent smouldering accesories
He lets them off
Streaking the skies
Like blood in Delta sands
And we look up
Catch a glimpse and call them beautiful
Never wondering where they come from or where they go when they fade
Falling to earth
Like the screens we stay stuck too
That marshall our labour
That project our liberty
That educate our children
That are educating us
Pull the plug
And see if you're still breathing
Working, Free,Learning
But don't fool yourself that the man in the moon is any better off
Set it off
Technology is the vehicle
Not the driver
So don't blame it for being drunk
On booze or power
Remember that when the meteors shower
Or your choir reaches critical mass
Yet can't break the Sound Barrier
Your tools are the carrier
Your voice is the virus
Would you rather be an analogue Jesus or Digital Osirus?
Essence exhausted on dual carriage super highways
Being passed by a thousand different Mash Up Messiahs
Transforming Observation to Obligation
We see the potential in the heart of the pitstop pariah
And don't stop for service
We stop to start serving