Thursday, 28 June 2012


Intuition brings into question your decisions, 
the cold iron maiden inquisition, 
fire freezes brazen bold in the dark light, 
cold fission,
a half truth half dead half lived half life, 
set to halve again, diminishing division, 
ever shifting the final position until it shifts past recognition, 
I aspire to emissions that uprise our condition,surprised by remission sometimes find focus slipping, 
find inspiration in the beacon of tradition, 
illuminating the pages of the book of the world,
the script that unfurls In the strokes we play 
when we step forth on the canvas of a day, and pull it up behind us,
wrapping it around us, 
tapestry and pageantry surround us, 
worn on the sleeve, breast, neck, crotch, crown, 
a heart opened outspread contacted, 
pulsating contracted 
filling expanded
again defined by experience 
raw material, parenthetic prevent agenda evidence ethereal 
motive opportunity synthetic serial, 
they sow confusion , 
this pride is delusion,
ladies and gentlemen now introducing, 
your host for this evening, 
the ragged And bleeding, 
soul of a barbarian nation, 
that lays claim to civilisation, 
by virtue of appropriation, 
it's paper we're chasing, 
but fabric too, 
material to weave and wave not just to see through, 
feel do, needs must need school need education, 
but a dispirited mind can't achieve self determination 
and when the blind lead the blind lead the blind oblivious to the blatant 
is it any wonder we accept incarceration? 
brick by brick our prison is our creation 
and we're afraid that we push at the bars it might cave in, 
falling around us, rubble, detritus, 
remnants of a vision we collude in and somehow feel attached too, 
how do we mistake chains for umbilical cords, 
Flashlights for sunshine, 
the gun to our head for the safety of our home? 

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Cancel the parade. Cut the elegies. What's the point of this stone/pointed pressure so refined/inverted on our spines as they crisscross to provide a loving nest? The beasts that rest in this land and spread flame afield/enjoy the shine of the capital/but rearrange the characters/it's the same carbon as the rest of us/So let's square the circle and circle the pentagrams/truth is /truth is unity/truth is unity can be divisive/conspiracy/counter intelligence/Jedi mind tricks/Bow ties and champagne toasts for veiled violence/and flag burning street dances to break silence/like a pane of glass on Tarmac/I've got shards in my skin/needling this vanity/hungry to be heard/vanity wrapped/mummified/entombed/preposterous/Until nothing remains inside/vanity defeated by the passing of time/outlasted by every crafted covering/ not to honour after all/to reduce into ignoble obsolescence/ exposing fundamental indecency/ frequently/ overlooked/ but not this time/ anniversary of ascendance to an unjust pedestal/ never happy however memorable/ it sticks in the memory like windscreen in a joyriders face/ change the pace/ destroy the gears/ and the slick sick trick fairground machinery/This royal flush is demeaning you and me