Thursday, 9 September 2010

(September 2010)

Connected, flowing
Sometimes charge builds, overloads and shorts
Sparks fly and we get back to the matter
Distant Relatives valuing our worth and that of this earth
How can we not be humbled by this creation?
Though I preach peace, love, unity
I'm a flawed man and sometimes there's no getting through to me
Through reflection and learning to learn to avoid repetition
I'll grow forward, embracing death each second it approaches
Leading where I can, Following where I should and showing love
For the roles of my brothers and sisters
Comfortable with a roof over my head
Good food and Great Music
I beam my attention to those who lack such material security
But have heart and minds that stay sharp
Striving for perfection and cultivating happiness
Not bemoaning every movement the world makes that doesn't make
Them feel like they're whom its revolving for
Travel opens doors
Not minds
That’s up to you
Count your blessings. hold firm , stay true
To that spirit of adventure
Making memories, Making futures
Shaping Strong Mountains and banquets from our imagination
Soundtracked by the pulse of the ocean
In infinite track audio caress
Like a single struck sonar note from the centre of the earth
Reaching heaven and still ascending
To bring the joy home

Lip Service

Woke up
Can feel the blood at the back of my throat
Taste the bitter bill, swallow it whole
Machines whirring, machines glowing, machines throbbing
Blinds drawn, sun starves outside
Oh my
Eastern visitors, Modern Art, Echo and Delay
Emotions reverbarate around this body
That never had the word to say
Just words to pay lip service to a world past hate
Lip service like a retirement clock,
A commemorative plate
Lip surface to Lip surface
In a pursed kiss
The only means left to burst this bubble
Silk sheen curve disappears and we're wet
The flawed lips service purpose fully feeling our being
Where the words distance
Cold Icy Angular
No machines impede this moment, this movement we have created together
Lips lead where words fear to follow and bodies meet at the service
Of the precedent
Lips bleed where words are hollow
And our bodies echo with the evidence.