Sunday, 9 October 2011


Exiled internally/Bullies force conditions through proxies/Mediated agression shows insecurity and anger/Trying to find a focus/This scapegoat stands not in opposition/but facing forward/Beyond violence/The end/Ticking faster/Time will have its victory/But no-one else/This beast/refuses burden/self-imposed/Acceptance of a tax paid in esteem/Contentions dressed as invitations/Bleed into irrelevance/Like the cancered inside of the contender who never was/Pretender through loss after loss after loss/ Living in the told you so end times/ 20/20 shepherds leading the blind/Force fed flock can't read between the headlines/Intelligent/Malevolent/This design/Strives to make artistry a crime/Compassion a crime/Difference a crime/Defiance a Crime/Still/This scapegoat/stands not in opposition/But facing a window/Stained with the grace of vulnerability/Framed in sincerity no malevolence could tarnish/No technology could harness.

8th October

How much of this alienation can we endure?
Stuck in a continum, forced to compete for attention
Divided by rapacious individualisation
We look to stars for inspiration instead of Our Selves
Raw, interdependent, that realisation,
In moments stood shoulder to shoulder or face face
Streaked with tears of joy and desperation
We Desire
We suffer
We laugh into the void together
Echoeing, calling the next moment into being
We've ALL got a story to tell
And when we touch, tired and worn
We glow with the understanding that we won't be torn
We know our Weapons
We Feel our Force
We'll never sell self to buy their product
The Lies of what came before.