Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Some say there are snakes
But all I see are butterflies and beautiful birds feeding their families
The quiet is never silence as life buzzes by and around
The cool water lapping past, mud underfoot, cleansing natural asset of this place,
Travelling without moving, all sides green, alive and growing, bonded by this flow
Cars cross in the distance and women wash clothes nearby, neither in a hurry
Long journeys in the embrace of the midday sun, the cool breeze off the water and the watchful patient trees


Programmed /By a language/ I never chose or requested/Raised/Nutured/Conditioned/Within the confines of this life/Value/Riches/History/The lies we sell our children/Peppered with saccharine sedative flashes/Mature into the endings we write/In this language/Which thread can I tug/Which trigger can I squeeze/To unravel/To explode/This shiny plastic prison?/Even in a land of grit, sweat and strong roots/Every show/Every tradition/Every taste defines me/Corrosive/Resistant to the fight I make/Technologies shape condition/And tell us which story is ours/Luddite Leveller Digger I/Find a different discourse to flood self with/Biko Lumumba Assata Amaru/Jam a jagged spear/In the spokes of this machine/Our words/Our memories/Or heritage/Are battlefields of love and hatred/Never stop believing/You can shape new tools/To make those fields flourish anew/True Human Heart beating in the dirt.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Untitled scrap (May)

All these earth laws can unwind, unfold a carpet of sky
Over the heads of those transfixed by mortality
We seek a floor of other firmament for our resting place and move to the next to keep the taste
Wet, raw tangle of roots, nettle web contact
Whilst projections float on the other side of this thin wall
Opaque doorway to glitter and plastic junk
A different, junior dose of satisfaction, no reaction, just what happens
The connection, the passion, the discovery of a perfect world beyond our touching flesh in the crevice where two flaws meet, moment balanced fragile