Monday, 4 May 2009


Cultivation in the morning and throughout
You have my permission to be impressed
The ride never stops it just runs right through
Leaving signatures prefaced by scripts writ in waves
With joy
Living, and loving the idea of love
Trust in the universe and faith in the Northern line
Because something conspired in the mix of disappointments and glee
And put the bravery of the fool in me
Just for one evening and by the most precise random Magic
The fool was in the ascendant
Beyond reason the Lady entertained
With humility, grace and appreciation
And the Fool found a window in one world
Traced by his index
And stepped right through into another story

The lady kisses twice, brushing each cheek
and speaks ideals That put that crass world back through the window
To shame, with its rigid gray pincers.
Her voice dances a tattoo of liberty
Leaving the fool hoping he can write the continent
By the stars in bold
Creating the kingdom of magic
Where the lady becomes his queen

Now the world’s full again
With more than just options and opportunism
This story breathes out and in
Unpredictable, contracting and expanding around him
With this manifest sense of destiny
Erasing signatures, crumbling contracts
And making contact NOT contacts
Because the real fairy tale is that people matter
And in this tale tokens became priceless
Nerves become charm and a journey of journies of a hundred miles or two
Starts with the first tiny step toward the tube