Saturday, 20 February 2010

Complication (5th June 2009)

I want to be your complication
I want to disrupt
That which is so still, serene
I can’t help myself
From musing on what could be
Whilst I’m making lists and starting applications
It’s all just butchering the time
I dream I could have spent with you
All the spiky days off
Tripping the active fantastic
Could just be fending off the romance
Of a doomed
Attempt manipulation

And all these manipulations are me contorting myself
To fit that projected framework I craft for you
You’re beyond
Something pure
The essence lives in you
You ask those questions
The rest are too ashamed to touch

Smarter than that
Smarter than me Tied to nothing except your happiness
You’re ascending
Whilst I spin through the maelstrom
Hands reaching into the sky
Now I’m out in the open
Target of time’s arrows
Willingly accepting this moment
Reading life mediated and second guessing
Are past times long now past
I corkscrew forward
Heads glancing off and giving new ducts with every breath
Exhilarated Exhalation tinged red
Skin flapping into untidy translucence and exposing whatever lays beneath
Light shining straight on through

Silhouette (2nd July 2009)

Fill him in
Garnish to taste and set to violins
Earthworms and waterrats are real
Populating the landscape
We’re just encroaching on their habitat
Bells and grave yard sound effects soundtrack the atrophy
And there is no sanctuary, no off ramp, no spired magic city
Beyond these walls
Only the future and the shadows we cast

untitled (4th August 2009)

I wrote many moons ago
Of you as a star in the ascendant
Now you’re glowing further affirming your position in the firmament
I think of a special notebook in the footwell of a borrowed car
And of our last real wires crossed conversation
I still can’t identify what was going on
But thoughts of you take me back to that moment
When your ice cracked enough to show me again
Beautiful vulnerability
One word and I would have done a lot of bad things for you

4th Floor Atrophy (May 31st 2009)

4th Floor Atrophy
No discipline
I have to tell everyone different everythings
Though its amazing how often certain people feature
Can’t get a handle on substance
Or follow through to the hard core beneath
Troublesome definitions loom overshadowing
And the blade that cuts clear stays sheathed
Bright sun bitter wind
Leisure spent baulking at aggression
Flirting with the academy instead
So aren’t we quite the pioneers?
Drowning in limescale and blue ink
Binding our lives for submission
Just so we can break those chains
And create new ones
To ‘protect’ us from the possibility of our selves
Slot me in
And breathe easy in the new world we’re realising
Whilst we scoff at those that have emerged blinking since
Into the light that shines
From our collective rear
Being earnest, righteous and true
Without a shadow of a doubt
Except the one it casts
Long, amorphous, flickering

Friday, 19 February 2010

(19th February)

What would I do without these obsessions to occupy my passion
To neutralise, to soothe?
Are they the conduit or the pacifier?
Maybe just tools to use responsibly or as one sees fit if
One's ever fit to see
between the cracks
Elevating and descending by measures
Dependent on the prescence opposite
The weight that counter balances
Pushing forward fuelled by
Faith or fallacy
Understanding or fantasy
Racing forward towards backing off gradually
Crafting perfection fallibly
A confusion of clarity
Sometimes words slip slide away
Abscond on license through an open portal
Sometimes words escape
With the help of smuggled tools
But the best times are when words learn how to liberate
Empancipate and choose to be or not to be
Throw off their shackles and burn their slave names
'Values' 'Concepts' 'Principles'
To reveal the truth straining beneath
Maybe meaningless by the measure of immovable obejcts
The unstoppbale force neither noun nor verb
Adverb nor adjective
Deafingly inaudible
The Radical Music of the Soul.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Left/Right (New Today)

A taste or an intuition
A place or a position
Contrived oh so naturally to resemble one’s wishes
Organising as a habit not a science
Dominates conversation
Instinctive mistrust of structure
Of designated placement
Spirit will prevail
It just needs a vessel
Considerately crafted
So by all means take care on that wheel
Caress and smooth to your hearts content
Get dirty and lost in the rhythm of manual perfection
But accept the reality of the form
It’s not forever
So it’s important that this starts somewhere
We’re not setting the agenda
Just acknowledging the void
The vacuum, the abyss left by what they destroyed
And preparing to stop defining community by its absences

Wait for this immaculate idol to diffuse
For the pedestal beneath your feet to crumble softly
In the God that scatters
As the earth moves beneath our feet
And we sit by different strangers in the sky
When I took my headphones out I remembered how to drive
Changed gear and then direction
With your light behind me
Giving me the strength to explore

Our forms for this moment
Vessels for sacred energy
Were never intended as private keepsakes
Are beside different roads basking
Eyes alive with interest
And Love alive with them
Defying definition
Refining contours of space and time
A Divine
Scattering all we laboured to shape
And bearing our love across the void
Filling the abyss
Until the vacumn disappears
Not destroyed because
Everything is Everything and It's Nothing too
So by neccesity I am you
And we're us
Can't our community start from here?