Friday, 30 December 2011


The cycle comes back on itself and all our heroes in their farce
(Crucifier crucify get crucified)
Have returned to infant form
(Crucifier crucify get crucified)
splashed in photographs on our mantelpiece
(Crucifier crucify get crucified)
We mock and we jaw and cultivate humility
(Crucifier crucify get crucified)
Our heels on the neck of the people we pity
(Crucifier crucify get crucified)

Next time around when cities level and wells pool red
(Pacifier pacify get pacified)
No snapshots will survive
(Pacifier pacify get pacified)
No ticker tape returns
(Pacifier pacify get pacified)
We'll die in the fruits of our own sick memory
(Pacifier pacify get pacified)
No square jawed saviour blazing morality
(Pacifier pacify get pacified)
Will mark a trail bleached of guilt

The vacuous zones we carve from our enmity
We cruise right through them (so aghast)
Dripping with blood from the palms of our tyrants
Dripping with blood from the palms of our tyrants yeh

The endless gash we chewed with our gluttony
We Cruise right past it (jaws agape)
Tripping with blood fault lines from our iris
Tripping with blood fault lines from our iris

And whilst the rot keeps eating away
We govern de facto
Molotovs drip dripping away
His majesty is waiting

Monday, 26 December 2011


Spare us your denunciations/too busy drowning/in monosodium glutamate/fighting fire with oil/fighting fire with annihilation/ Selves struggle for supremacy/distinct in uniformity/the queues we form/follow quests/hero scripts/but never lead questions away from conformity. Defending the Indefensible pulls a victim hood over many a gaze/choosing best product for best high/no way/no exit/ramp/to freedom/only more turns/tears cried/onto a hard shoulder / And the contrarion stares/impassive/waiting for the other shoe to drop/some contagion/in our supply/has subverted what humanity/could be traced/Isolate/deny/that otherness can be invested/freely in this market/though some rations might be slim/exogenous factors fall outside this equation/that balances so neatly/in ledger scrolls scripted/By gory nib clutched between perfectly manicured nails/ Direct/Mutual/Aid/Action/Is the resource/worth its weight in god/Money stuffed in mouths and bets laid out across theatres/between the stars whose glow stays subterranean/No tragic-comic martyr to or heroic fool visible/an altogether different kind of resolution

In Time

Reprimand/devils grasp/heady dance//test demands/targets achievable/far beyond your grasp/irretrievable/limits of your consciousness define unbelievable/and perception of the future present past/if we cannot see the prison how could we bend the bars?/defend whats ours/and drop the illusions/stressed head swelling blood pressure contusions/gotta breath/ step forward/pick a path through confusion/ relentless ambiguity intrusions/fuelled by self doubt and excess pollutants/ prevent precision/deep breath/walk away/to another vehicle/still standing post collision/still demanding/more of these ideas/that they could walk for me/in cafes/well thumbed/smudged ink paperback weapon/to collect these moments/fine, incisive irrefutable/shaving away dogma/leaving bare flesh naked to the truths in the air/profane beauty beyond redemption or compare/derelict debonair/sheer sick sheen of chic stripped/corroded by the acid of this indignace/hospital gown/ in remission from the pretence/that this is a sane order to accept/that it would be unhealthy to reject/resist/insurrect/build afresh an alternate/vulnerable flawed thing of beauty that lives and dies on its own terms/on its own time like a flipped hourglass/kinetic energy setting the pace of revolutions that chew up and obliterate this farce/mechanism crafted/die cast/wheels in essential intricate motion/steady charged centred/whilst the cracks form around them/and that which seemed so naturally eternal/crumbles like so much compacted rouge/manufactured dessicated storefront window display of /abusive ideals/until our childrens children have to imagine what it would be like to never feel/learning/loving/unmediated/uncalculated/tasting pleasure/not sin guilt satisfaction with a lifetime guarantee/in/against/beyond/we can do better and we shall.