Thursday, 12 December 2013

(untitled) September 2013

Zero sum conception
Bedroom insurrection
Book shop revolution with a gift tag and a smile
Photo resurrection
Entitlement infection
Numbered resolutions tagged, flagged and filed
In this deference
truth by preference
We shop around for it like it's going out of style
Purchased hollow purged essence
Empty echoing with  sound of paid penance
Steady choking on bunting and pennants
Fixated on the dream of a land green and pleasant
Artificial turf as far as the eye can see
Burning the eyes
To the worst degree
Red brick terrace
Asphyxiated verbally
Stuck in a method
I am not these ethics
If I can't live them personally
What a surprise
phantom no menace
Amateur chemist
Bowing for blessings
Jewels where he hid them
Lost in generic
Abundant replenished
Stock of defective
Gems protected
By dubious wisdom
These cynical empiricists
Hold my soul captive
Nebulous daze
Infected baptist
That which washed in can not wash away
Regardless of practice
Premature obsolescence
stars fast to fade
Into backdrops
White dwarf implosion
Fuels most modest blaze
Footnote the end of days
Let's shake this malaise
Dissipate this funk
Lift that haze
Get over this hump
Breathe clear serene
Heave sheer spleen
misstep to our grave
Planned or mistake
Prophylactic mislaid
Our progeny is brave
and proud and will speak aloud of whatever it craves
to make
With a fear of nothing but insincerity
Whether born of arrogance, calculation  or temerity
The friction between Soul and facade sparks until the heart burns hellishly
Squirms under glass of false pleasantries
Alive with Psychic trauma and moral entropy
to beggar belief and enrich fantasy
If a grain of sand can contain galaxies
Then the world can feel empty as a photogenic fallacy
Stripped of things that give it meaning
Caved in
So if the shoreline is receding
Eventually we'll be swamped by the waters we used to wade in
And we'll find that the fire we threw petrol on is the one which we burn in
World turning
Describing it's orbit
Still yearning
Unsure if that discipline is the price or the forfeit
For adventures beyond the curve
Uncertain thrill of awkward
Unpredictable urge
wild and raucous
Now tamed by an invisible law
Or set thereof
Upset the course pay the cost
For better or Worse
Cost duly paid decisions made regrets engraved through frown and liquid taint
Planetary consequence embodied in that same grain
Left to fall through slender fingers
To it's peers plain
And those fingers that body that beach that continent all facets of another grain
And where are we?  What did we gain?
Beached whale of false humility on a glass atomic sea
Majestic hubris flapping impotently
the sum of parts complete that make this whole mess lovely, new blooms springing as far as eyes can see
And if it's just the minds eye of an a.i all it needs to do to crush it all is push delete
No retreat
No recall
No retrieval
Is there meaning in survival?

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