Monday, 26 December 2011

In Time

Reprimand/devils grasp/heady dance//test demands/targets achievable/far beyond your grasp/irretrievable/limits of your consciousness define unbelievable/and perception of the future present past/if we cannot see the prison how could we bend the bars?/defend whats ours/and drop the illusions/stressed head swelling blood pressure contusions/gotta breath/ step forward/pick a path through confusion/ relentless ambiguity intrusions/fuelled by self doubt and excess pollutants/ prevent precision/deep breath/walk away/to another vehicle/still standing post collision/still demanding/more of these ideas/that they could walk for me/in cafes/well thumbed/smudged ink paperback weapon/to collect these moments/fine, incisive irrefutable/shaving away dogma/leaving bare flesh naked to the truths in the air/profane beauty beyond redemption or compare/derelict debonair/sheer sick sheen of chic stripped/corroded by the acid of this indignace/hospital gown/ in remission from the pretence/that this is a sane order to accept/that it would be unhealthy to reject/resist/insurrect/build afresh an alternate/vulnerable flawed thing of beauty that lives and dies on its own terms/on its own time like a flipped hourglass/kinetic energy setting the pace of revolutions that chew up and obliterate this farce/mechanism crafted/die cast/wheels in essential intricate motion/steady charged centred/whilst the cracks form around them/and that which seemed so naturally eternal/crumbles like so much compacted rouge/manufactured dessicated storefront window display of /abusive ideals/until our childrens children have to imagine what it would be like to never feel/learning/loving/unmediated/uncalculated/tasting pleasure/not sin guilt satisfaction with a lifetime guarantee/in/against/beyond/we can do better and we shall.

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