Sunday, 9 October 2011


Exiled internally/Bullies force conditions through proxies/Mediated agression shows insecurity and anger/Trying to find a focus/This scapegoat stands not in opposition/but facing forward/Beyond violence/The end/Ticking faster/Time will have its victory/But no-one else/This beast/refuses burden/self-imposed/Acceptance of a tax paid in esteem/Contentions dressed as invitations/Bleed into irrelevance/Like the cancered inside of the contender who never was/Pretender through loss after loss after loss/ Living in the told you so end times/ 20/20 shepherds leading the blind/Force fed flock can't read between the headlines/Intelligent/Malevolent/This design/Strives to make artistry a crime/Compassion a crime/Difference a crime/Defiance a Crime/Still/This scapegoat/stands not in opposition/But facing a window/Stained with the grace of vulnerability/Framed in sincerity no malevolence could tarnish/No technology could harness.

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