Monday, 26 December 2011


Spare us your denunciations/too busy drowning/in monosodium glutamate/fighting fire with oil/fighting fire with annihilation/ Selves struggle for supremacy/distinct in uniformity/the queues we form/follow quests/hero scripts/but never lead questions away from conformity. Defending the Indefensible pulls a victim hood over many a gaze/choosing best product for best high/no way/no exit/ramp/to freedom/only more turns/tears cried/onto a hard shoulder / And the contrarion stares/impassive/waiting for the other shoe to drop/some contagion/in our supply/has subverted what humanity/could be traced/Isolate/deny/that otherness can be invested/freely in this market/though some rations might be slim/exogenous factors fall outside this equation/that balances so neatly/in ledger scrolls scripted/By gory nib clutched between perfectly manicured nails/ Direct/Mutual/Aid/Action/Is the resource/worth its weight in god/Money stuffed in mouths and bets laid out across theatres/between the stars whose glow stays subterranean/No tragic-comic martyr to or heroic fool visible/an altogether different kind of resolution

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