Saturday, 20 February 2010

Complication (5th June 2009)

I want to be your complication
I want to disrupt
That which is so still, serene
I can’t help myself
From musing on what could be
Whilst I’m making lists and starting applications
It’s all just butchering the time
I dream I could have spent with you
All the spiky days off
Tripping the active fantastic
Could just be fending off the romance
Of a doomed
Attempt manipulation

And all these manipulations are me contorting myself
To fit that projected framework I craft for you
You’re beyond
Something pure
The essence lives in you
You ask those questions
The rest are too ashamed to touch

Smarter than that
Smarter than me Tied to nothing except your happiness
You’re ascending
Whilst I spin through the maelstrom
Hands reaching into the sky
Now I’m out in the open
Target of time’s arrows
Willingly accepting this moment
Reading life mediated and second guessing
Are past times long now past
I corkscrew forward
Heads glancing off and giving new ducts with every breath
Exhilarated Exhalation tinged red
Skin flapping into untidy translucence and exposing whatever lays beneath
Light shining straight on through

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Kristabelle said...

That is one of the best poems I've ever read....