Friday, 19 February 2010

(19th February)

What would I do without these obsessions to occupy my passion
To neutralise, to soothe?
Are they the conduit or the pacifier?
Maybe just tools to use responsibly or as one sees fit if
One's ever fit to see
between the cracks
Elevating and descending by measures
Dependent on the prescence opposite
The weight that counter balances
Pushing forward fuelled by
Faith or fallacy
Understanding or fantasy
Racing forward towards backing off gradually
Crafting perfection fallibly
A confusion of clarity
Sometimes words slip slide away
Abscond on license through an open portal
Sometimes words escape
With the help of smuggled tools
But the best times are when words learn how to liberate
Empancipate and choose to be or not to be
Throw off their shackles and burn their slave names
'Values' 'Concepts' 'Principles'
To reveal the truth straining beneath
Maybe meaningless by the measure of immovable obejcts
The unstoppbale force neither noun nor verb
Adverb nor adjective
Deafingly inaudible
The Radical Music of the Soul.

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