Thursday, 4 February 2010

Left/Right (New Today)

A taste or an intuition
A place or a position
Contrived oh so naturally to resemble one’s wishes
Organising as a habit not a science
Dominates conversation
Instinctive mistrust of structure
Of designated placement
Spirit will prevail
It just needs a vessel
Considerately crafted
So by all means take care on that wheel
Caress and smooth to your hearts content
Get dirty and lost in the rhythm of manual perfection
But accept the reality of the form
It’s not forever
So it’s important that this starts somewhere
We’re not setting the agenda
Just acknowledging the void
The vacuum, the abyss left by what they destroyed
And preparing to stop defining community by its absences

Wait for this immaculate idol to diffuse
For the pedestal beneath your feet to crumble softly
In the God that scatters
As the earth moves beneath our feet
And we sit by different strangers in the sky
When I took my headphones out I remembered how to drive
Changed gear and then direction
With your light behind me
Giving me the strength to explore

Our forms for this moment
Vessels for sacred energy
Were never intended as private keepsakes
Are beside different roads basking
Eyes alive with interest
And Love alive with them
Defying definition
Refining contours of space and time
A Divine
Scattering all we laboured to shape
And bearing our love across the void
Filling the abyss
Until the vacumn disappears
Not destroyed because
Everything is Everything and It's Nothing too
So by neccesity I am you
And we're us
Can't our community start from here?

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Vangile Makwakwa said...

Interesting food for thought...thanks for sharing