Monday, 27 October 2008

Poem (October 2008)

Not thinking aloud
Talking and then some
medicority frustrates
Wish I could terminate and be left with perfection
Exquisitely carved from the air to leave the impression
That I care And so much more
Drinking sessions
So affected
Take possession
Now bloods neglected
And as we act out these adult rituals
Our cheeks flush and billow And the air grows hotter
Watching the ceiling fan And listening to my betters
I decide again to start over and reinvent
Shed tired flesh and generate afresh
Running without moving the pose effects
An air of weary wisdom in a philanthropic instance
Of sharing
How gracious
How humble, how caring
How can they restrain themselves from
exposing all that was witheld from them so crudely?
In the time of hope and audacious facades mine is peeling
And what's behind?
The architect has long renounced the intent and design
The builders were cowboys killed in a shoot out far away
The rats in the basement and the bats in the belfrey
Have all abandoned ship
The cladding was new
The bricks borrowed
The cement old
And the heart blue
Now who would even squat this?
Regardless I've got this
And nothing more
A fool's education
A penchant for tasteless altercations
An emporer's new wardrobe
And no hope
No indication today of a brighter tommorow
Because it's dark inside and my curtains stay pulled

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