Monday, 27 October 2008

Poem (October 2008)

Attitude elated
Smoking out sedated
Mountain dwellers for the weekend
Flushed, over zealous
Cut communications
Phone lost into the ether
And a second memory lost forever
Petty arguments
Affected pretension
Constant commentary grating
And it's not that I care
But there's nowhere else to be
I document it
For what purpose?
Trivial specks on the earth's surface
Invisible from atmosphere
The Angel of Death? San Miguel
Protecting the chapel
Everyone must practice here
But now she wants the Virgin out of the room
Big gesture empty
And my eyes are rolling
Our compasses are all wayward
And we're forgetting why we're afraid of ourselves
And the light within
Still we navigated homeward bound
More herbs burnt to toast the plastic sound
Finally it's just me and the pad
was enraged for my culture and the ignorance displayed
No longer mad but melancholy and sad for the lost potential
In these days.

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