Monday, 27 October 2008

Poem (October 2008)

Trading off human flesh
Elbow deep in the charnel
Smiling whilst they work
We feed off one another
A gibbering ritual
of discourse pulsating to fill the air with
signifers of liberty
signposts of righteousness
Ugly empty masques for lust
I'm choking as I lay
Blades buzzing beside
On the lies, the guilt, the realities and the ideals
The cloth quilt by which I habitually
smother my being from the elements of truth that litter our living
Discarded, unwanted
Unsightly, irregular
They constitute our essential character
And I can't get away fast enough

Strength, wisdom and charity are the common currencies
Devalued into decrepitude
I'm weak, lustful, sick, fetid and duplicitous
But my feet are on the ground
My eyes are on the heavens
I breathe deep of the elemental truth and firm my grip on the first hand hold.

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