Saturday, 31 January 2009

Scarves and Rainbows

"Awesome Scarf Man!"

"Cheers Mate!"

Five words, brief exchange
Wonderful Pink moment in a melancholy Manor House morning
Saturday, post-party
As I picked my return down the road of hermits, Shisha and doleful sad Alsations
Holding rescued mug plucked from a distant
neighbours wall
Last night I saw my best friend
For the first time in six months and we laughed until we cried
I danced mid clean up at 430AM between the sun set and oblivion
And I jumped at the spark of new connections
I can't know yet if the voltage is correct
Appropriate for the plug I hold
And in the frozen light of Finsbury park at 1130
I didn't feel so electric
But it's amazing what a little stroll and a word from a stranger can do to settle that which is in flux
Sometimes current flows, sometimes it doesn't and I'm thankful to have seen no storms
Flushed with half sleep, cold air and the promised bounty of tea sitting at the end of the road
The road becomes my rainbow and I keep following

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