Saturday, 31 January 2009

Others (?)

Heavy load makes light work of the significant
And squeezes out The Other
Inconsequential then, the trickle of self when all the consequence I want
Is my health, his health, a cat and someone to make Mixtapes for
They're actually CDs
But what's romantic about a
Ill equipped, unsure and suspicious,
Unease sneaking that I'm not good enough for her
So why waste both our time?
There's so many projects in life.
I can't apologise enough for the bad habits I'm entrenching
Naked ambition, Short Attention and a million and one referential mentions
of this
of that
of The other
Squeezing back in for a second
And all because there's certain things I never want to say
Until its to late
So I lock my truths in indefinite detention
Screaming in space
Suffocated by the vacuum
Condemned by deals made in a a back room
Off the Radar
Like a single bird in lonely flight 'cross a fractured sky
The devils in the detail
And this is a Big Picture
Big Enough for things to slip down into a fissure and never return
Like I did; fresh, clean, two lifetimes ago

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