Thursday, 26 June 2008


Luminescent, this star
radiating brilliance
In a world of dim dull daggers
oiled in the dark,
Lights a path for others;
Simply, clearly, task by task
turn by turn
always present at your shoulder
never past
trailing gold dust that flatters to decieve before vanishing
Feminine, holding to no hardness
In the world and of the world whilst occupying space
Bathed in the warmth of blessed being
Insights abound like lazers, comets
Ideas break the surface for feeling.

Born ageless and brave
time slows and flucuates in the prescence of the source
Tides of gravity wash over the surface and throught he heart
a poised potent force
Dense beyond measure
Dancing centred
Lifes simple pleasures
Beyond complex

So do we seek to analyse,
divide, package, leave nothing to survive,
Suck the light out of life?
Doe we leave nothing to chance like humanity isn't in the sparks of imagination
that riddle the frayed cloth of reason to create better situations
Turn back clock hands and change seasons so that the winter of my
discontent springs skyward and becomes the seed of change
floating on summer's breeze?

The answer searched for blossoms every second in the flowers of romance,
of unreason, of passionate colour, shape, intuition and feeling,
Growing toward her lights.

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