Monday, 2 June 2008

Poem May 2008

History! History!
Catalogue of demise
Do the waters wash clean once the city is fortified?
Cities don't love
They demand blood
Sacrifice for the concrete survivial
Falling victim to Hegel and Marx
How to avoid the mill of epochs?

We're grinding now
Coming to understand the true meaning
Wake Work Sleep Wake Work Sleep
Culture of exhaustion to suppress true feeling
The metropolis, by day a necropolis
When the tide changes it becomes a playground
And little by little
Small victory over victory
I'm consciously winning space for creativity
And squaring circles to cement solidarity
Question norms and challenge regulated normality
Dispense with formalities
and proceed direct
Lets connect and exchange stories
Narratives of humiliation and glory
Of struggle, victory or honourable defeat
Of love, of hope
Of echoing humanity
Resonant in each and every person
Expressed in new forms that envelop and dissolve borders
Walls, divisions on maps

Untidy, disruptive transgressors,
Not only do we read,
We write between the lines!

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