Thursday, 4 December 2014

See Demons

I’d do it again
Because I can
And a million more like me
Would do exactly the same
Put me in a uniform
Give me a hood
Show me the history of honor and blood
Give me a scapegoat
Feed me the fear
Make me the weapon
We all desire
For my arrogance is no longer enough
There is no security in the privilege of hate
I need to see demons to eliminate
Keep me righteous
Keep me pure
That I can stand tall on backs once more
When the wind changes
Apples go bad and wolves are alone
But a million more remain
And a million thereafter each generation until further notice
This skin has to mean something after all
Liberty and Justice for all (of US)
Surely not an accident a gift
Of centuries passed in domination
Construction of a virility untouched
Enlightened bathed in the wisdom of a continent
Which matured in the blood and faeces of the poor, the tortured
Surely not that
Because if they remembered and passed that pain on
The descendants of those poor could not become a scared, hooded, uniformed weapon after all
Could not see every Black Woman as a succubus
Every Black Man as a demon
But would see everywhere mirrors into the ravaged wastelands of our souls
And in our millions, though one by one, could grasp the irony and the cruelty in there
And wrench the evil life from them
Because we couldn’t do it again
Not after this
Never again
Could we?

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