Thursday, 24 April 2014


27 Times came the knock on your door
Mummy answered
Alcohol on her breath, body black and blue
Domestic after domestic
Police turned away and your teacher never knew

4 times
You were sent to the nurse
They patched you up, swabbed you down
Patted your head
Noted their concerns
And never asked you

One more time
One more chance
They stepped across the threshold
Ready to help
Not from the school, not from the station
Unconnected to other and seeing as if for the first time

This filth
This degradation
The violence and neglect
The denying defiant faces of your abusers
The one who bore you and helped to take your life
Your sickly frail body twisted unnaturally in the corner
Disfigured and discarded
No-one’s fault but theirs
Still the questions beg
31 of them screaming in the conscience

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