Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Hada mish  la laba
Hada mish la ard
Always take more than give
What is there to share? What gift?
It's never enough. It's never anything.
Inna bifra mishanna dein?
I don't think so
Inna bitaham qatir ilyom
And so what?
The most for the most..to the utmost...OR something for someone sometime like now...
Without hurt, without promise of a better person beyond this desire;
Looping, serpentine, mobious, perfect, closed
To tell a story that satisfies
We reduce, isolate, paint broad and simplify, insulate, package
Sometimes stray threads frayed tell the tale of a rougher fabric mishapen
Underneath, straining to be freed; Ugly, rougher, singular
I don't want to be...everything for everyone...OR...something for someone
Shred these lines, thow them to the wind and let them fall in new formations
Strung together by the will to teach by learning, to pay by earning and
Find this language of my own underneath the fold of creased sheets, the dregs of finished bottles and the Questions that I ask just to answer the silence

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