Thursday, 2 August 2012

Mountain Top

They’re talking about you placing blame
But they don’t even know your name
That was written in the ink of a scholar
At the bottom of a declaration saying never shall I follow
Asking sometimes don’t you think you’re seeing things that aren’t there?
It’s them not seeing what is, wandering blind scared
In the kingdom where the one eyed five hunt the self-aware
And those with nothing left to lose thrive without fear
Watching the house of cards wobbling, overbalanced at the top tier
From a clear mountain top breathing clean air
And cultivating together
Respect for ourselves and each other
Struggling with hatred
We internalized the lessons
No matter how hard we fought
So it’s a daily mission
To undo all the damage taught
To accept all the damage done
Recognise we’re not the perfect ones
Forgive ourselves enough to push on
Never paralyzed by indecision
No longer anesthetized at their discretion
Free to feel again
Hurt again breathe again
Bleed again
Stand tall against the next collision
With false patriarchs and their illusions
There’s no such thing as a benevolent murderer
So we take blows and spit blood
Expect nothing less
Than to bleed for this
Grind for respect
We build and reflect
Take time to connect
Establish foundations and mode of address
Question privilege
Responses found wanting we reject
Spread wings and flourish unencumbered
For our days may be but we shall never be numbered

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