Saturday, 13 August 2011


Distraction/From the main event/Roadside bomb that shorted/Whilst the bombers strafed the city/NO-ONE gets out alive/Fused glass figurines posed in domestic bliss

Provocation/ Of the disproportionate response/Collateral Damage deemed inconsequential to the good/Trumpets sound/A new order from the chaos/Partnership and serenity amongst the ashes and empty bottles

Demonstration/ Of power/Muscles flexed/Vision crystal of just how far the fingers extend/ To push buttons and proffer gold

Invitation/Join the party/Free, lost in jubilation/Celebrate or freeze outside/And take your culture with you

Coronation/ Of the monuments/ The empire/ The dynasty to come/ You could be a part of it/ Or could martyr self for selfs sake of self alone/ A momentary distraction in the gutter of our pristine pavement

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