Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Programmed /By a language/ I never chose or requested/Raised/Nutured/Conditioned/Within the confines of this life/Value/Riches/History/The lies we sell our children/Peppered with saccharine sedative flashes/Mature into the endings we write/In this language/Which thread can I tug/Which trigger can I squeeze/To unravel/To explode/This shiny plastic prison?/Even in a land of grit, sweat and strong roots/Every show/Every tradition/Every taste defines me/Corrosive/Resistant to the fight I make/Technologies shape condition/And tell us which story is ours/Luddite Leveller Digger I/Find a different discourse to flood self with/Biko Lumumba Assata Amaru/Jam a jagged spear/In the spokes of this machine/Our words/Our memories/Or heritage/Are battlefields of love and hatred/Never stop believing/You can shape new tools/To make those fields flourish anew/True Human Heart beating in the dirt.

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