Friday, 8 April 2011


Tenderness, touching tip to tip, dripping against
Feet on the ground, head inside, sheltered organism
Hands pressing cold stone wall, devouring new air to replace that expended
Energizing motion forward, surfaces scratched and wet generating friction
Awkward, happy; our insignia proud in flesh, the marks we make lasting beneath the surface, this healing grinds and glides in slick unison, our performance, our tribute leaving memory in the muscles.

Flesh mind recollection of the sentiment that surpasses reflex, touches me in the most delicate places, 5 AM half sleep frustration cut through with the thought , our embrace, our release, our departure point, the distance maintained, By holding the dignity of silence, shining proud, do we miss the passion of risk?

When the beats rained we reveled in the twist, without worry of what it meant, with the legacy of time spend, weightless in the pull of the break,

This cloth we fashioned hugs our curves and draws out the beauty your smile threatened to outshine, By half moon we cast a shadow, sensuous outline.

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