Friday, 25 February 2011

(London January) 2

Flourishing by daylight or night, rocking like Aesop to survive, to avoid brackets to bash to pay the rent pay the debt sleep sleep sleep... The Form, The Process, Is the Impact, The Extension, The Awkward Grace Becoming Flesh Before Our Pourus Skin. WE hold it down holding- us- together, sincere, intertwined cords taut, holding our- life-together, until we birth the gestated, nourished, loved product of our passion, with a sprinkle of God, us but not ours and the cords might slacken but when we tug they'll hold firm, veins of a river from a source that never runs dry

These images flashing, now transposed, collapse into the dirt of the bed, as the life flows over and past them, their sediment mineral mingling enriching the life I lead, leaving traces in the blood smearing from fresh razor slices in my face

And the gift crafted swift with no room for mistake

And the pilgrimage thoughts etched in coach at motorway pace

And the end I sought but learnt to push away for the good greater plains and the Joy of Play

All wait patient smiling until I know what to say

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