Monday, 23 August 2010

Opportunity (August 2010)

Wide margins made it easy to keep slipping
Until we went beyond
Now you’re stretched out in space and I’m spinning
To hold you again like a cherished memory or maybe just a warm body
While we stayed temporary I had no intimation of loss falling upon me
Then you went and it came
Do I have any right to it?
Didn’t I get what I wanted once I pursued it?
It’s pressing on my conscience and I don’t feel like fighting it,
The notion that I deserve to suffer like this if I learn through it
The candle used to have two ends until I burnt through it.
Now its just wax
Pooling and solidifying until it cracks
Its mystifying
What drives me like a blind panic to try and take it all
Even racing through the Sabbath
Work, play, save, spend, fuck, connect, empathise
Collect,dispense, beg, bestow, borrow, lend
Go against the grain and follow the trend
Creating new life forms at worlds end
Feels like crunching gems
Underfoot whilst scrabbling at the coal face
Clawing out the earths heart under god’s gaze
These are deep days and yet somehow
Business as usual,
Crucial, brutal
Yet gentle when I move to you
Groove with you
Amongst the sleepers
Spent so much now I just feel cheaper
Breath Shallow
Thoughts Deeper
Breath Shallow
Thoughts Deeper
Breath Shall Allow Another
Attempt to transform what the last left weaker.

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