Sunday, 11 April 2010


Please never stop serenading me with the possibility of all to come;
Of motorways broken and buried under magic blossom carpets
Of peaceful men whose sinews no longer recall the shape of a bunched fist and
Whose withered trigger fingers are rendered useless
The metallic urge they once exercised
Smelted and crafted into beautiful worlds
Sing to me of attachment as a myth, a demon our forbears transcended
Of politicans as extinct
Because the demos flourish as artists of life
And the systems we build as expressions of service, gratitude and hope
Not of our mistrust and machine logic
The kingfisher breaks the surface without a sound and enters new worlds
The spirit evolves and forms a new across the point of departure
I love life, acting out these moments, the fruits of which are without master

The warriors of light whom you sing through
Embrace this flesh without caution or question
Even though my desire is not dead
And this flawless love, without reservation,
Overwhelms my soul, shaped by illusion
Television and alcohol could never prepare this being
Just as aceticsm and mantras are not my tick box remedy

The medium, the channel, the Kingfisher's beak
For this soul at this time in this body
Matters as little as matter material fickle flesh reality
Right Intention is everything, without need of attachment to a form or recipe
So in every kick, every ink stroke on paper
In every loving embrace, every gift, every question, every kiss and savoured taste
When you sing universe, and this voice answers
The note rings true, eternal.

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Nate Maingard said...

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