Friday, 28 November 2008

Friends (Today)

I could never fulfill the expectations we set together and

it's so hard when I don't know what I want from you

Sometimes to be comfortable in my own company is the biggest

present I could ask for

But when I claim my space I find myself apologising

Over and over and over again

6.04 And I'm responsible for where I'm going

The wheels I've set in motion have no one direction
a mild form of torture
Until I act

I push you and praise you and miss you when I'm gone
(When my lover is but a murky echo) but when we're close I never have enough precious time

My rants and raves and soliloquies of facile wisdom become worse in memory, beasts of my ego tearing the flesh of our clasped hands and I'm lonely thinking how much I've learnt from you

All of you

So this is my apology and this is my prayer that in our hearts we meet without the monkeys on my back tagging along

Without me dragging the void through the doorway and consuming your laughter on your living room floor

I want to win your pride with love and care not bold promises

Thank you for being you, what more could I ask?

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